Each Wednesday At 8pm 
The Back Room 175a Hallgate Cottingham HU16 4BB
 Tel Andy 07765034081 
 1985 To 2022 = 37 Years Of Live Music 
Cottingham is one of the most progressive live music clubs in the area 
with all acoustic music being welcome  
Meeting each Wednesday night at 8pm at the Back Room in Cottingham 
Closing only for Christmas and the school holidays 
If you are just starting or an accomplished performer you will be very comfortable in this friendly folk club. 

The majority of nights are reserved for local performers to strut their stuff. 
At least once a month some of the best guest artists are invited to perform.
We have groups for you to learn an instrument in Mikes Mob
and Uke Cannot Be Serious
So if you have ever had the dream of singing and playing in front of an appreciative audience 
Cottingham Live is a waiting
If you wish to sing at the club 
Floor singers should arrive before 7.45
and contact the compare for the evening 
You will be given a spot sometime during the evening for 2 songs
Although the main focus for the club is Folk we do welcome most acoustic music song 
poetry and other arts 
Please contact Andy via e-mail 
Tel 07765034081 
We book artists well in advance
and we rely heavily on 
club member recommendations
                                 The Sengwer are a tribe who were removed from their lands by British Settlers
in the late 19th and early 20th century.
At that time they resettled in the Cherangani Hills near the border with Uganda.
This is a very remote, rural area with few means of income generation at present.
Agriculture is at the subsistence level and often runs short of meeting the people's needs. 
Our aim is to help the Sengwer community help themselves. 
Cottingham Live Supports SENGWER AID